Rabbi Pinhas often cited the words:
“‘A man’s soul will teach him.’”
and emphasized them by adding:
“There is no man who is not incessantly
being taught by his soul.”
One of his disciples asked: “If this is
so, why don’t men obey their souls?”
“The soul teaches incessantly,” Rabbi
Pinhas explained, “but it never repeats.”
Tales of the Hasidim, Martin Buber

I prepare to jump from the windowledge, but at the back of my head is a voice that says, “What are you doing, you idiot?” But it’s insignificant, that voice. Maybe next time I won’t take it into account. So I pack my bag and I leave the bitch who drove me out there. Maybe I wouldn’t even die if I jumped. Maybe I’d just be crippled or paralyzed or maybe I’d get my brains knocked around and change into a moron. That would be just the thing, in fact—to jump off a windowledge and change into a moron when all along I had wanted to change into a high-class ghost and drive that bitch up a wall. I can see myself now, sitting in the Happy House for M…