for a second marriage

If you, X, take this woman, Y
and if you, Y, take this man, X,
you two who have taken each other
many times before, then this
is something to be trusted,

two separate folks not becoming halves,
as younger people do, but becoming
neither more nor less than yourselves,
separate and together, and if
this means a different kind of love,

as it must, if it means different
conveniences and inconveniences, as it must,
then let this good luck
from a friend act like grease
for what may yet be difficult, undefined,

and when the ordinary days of marriage
stretch out like prairie,
here’s to the wisdom which understands
that if the heart’s right
and the mind at ease with it

the prairie is a liveable place, a place
for withstanding all kinds of weather,
and here’s to the little hills,
the ones that take you by surprise,
and the ones you’ll need to invent.