Some inhabitants of a city were milling around a room one sunny day looking at an exhibit of historical maps of earlier iterations of their city, all carrying fragile nostalgias in their minds, which they all thought of as the only possible nostalgia, but in fact they were inhabiting a city radiating with multiple and multilexical and multi-stratigraphic nostalgias.    *    The structure was concentric. Newer inhabitants, whose nostalgia was on the inner rings, tended to talk about it more. One brand-new inhabitant at a dinner party, possibly on coke, was so nostalgic that he wasn’t even nostalgic for the past, but for the present, a kind of pre-order nostalgia, because he knew it couldn’t lastit couldn’t last, he kept repeating, shaking his head, his wide eyes staring glazed at the table. Couldn’t last? It’s already over! thought the rest of the guests, who were longer-term inhabitants. But they sipped their wine in silence, for their nostalgias were on wider rings.    *    Their nostalgias were, of course, also the only possible nostalgias.