Here I am       I’ve been watching the animals
              I watch them in the afternoon
that seems to drop my being       lower into time

bullfrogs singing from the long grasses
              horses captured in a video
              Wild is a horse’s word       They are running

wild on an island & turning sharply       as if stopped
by something that isn’t there       I’ve been watching
              the animals move through sudden predicaments

              or work-like joy from a habit       as with the sea turtle
pulling her anvil body down to the continent of ocean
after leaving her eggs in the upper sands       She is returning

              to single life & the sequenced minutes of light breaking softly
on the surface of the water       How delicate it is below
where the daylight doesn’t reach

              all the wet & green       one world brushing up
against the slippery gardens of another
I’ve been watching the animals with more knowing